Welcome to Haulio Together, We Cargo Faster.
About Us

We're a Haulier Community Platform designed to bring strength to individual Hauliers through unity. We believe that a bundle of sticks is stronger than a lonestick, and that when we work together, we cargo faster.

Through Haulio, Hauliers will be able to pool resources together by building partnerships with each other on Haulio, and Haulio provides the necessary tools to facilitate this collaboration. With better resource utilisation, everyone stands to gain – Hauliers, Drivers, Shippers and Ports.

9200+ Containers Moved
50+ Hauliers Registered
30+ Partnerships Made
Our Founders
Sebastian Shen
Head of Product Development
Alvin Ea
Head of Business Development
Our Advisors
Eddy Ng
Managing Director,
PSA Singapore Terminals 2
Ang Wee Dee
AVP (Haulier Services),
Singapore Terminals
James Tan
Managing Partner,
Quest Ventures
Shamir Rahim
Founder & CEO,
VersaFleet Pte Ltd
Contact Us
PSA Pasir Panjang Terminal Building 3
3 Harbour Drive, #02-00
Singapore 117404.
Phone: +65 8508 2327
Email: hello@haulio.io