How do I start using Haulio upon Registration and Verification of my Account?

Upon successful verification of your account, you will receive an onboarding email with a Product User Guide on the step-by-step of how you can post a job (for Job posters) & how you can pick up a job (for hauliers).

After I post a job, how long is the response time before I receive a confirmation that my job is taken?

You will receive an update within the first 60 minutes of posting up a job (during office hours); once a job has been taken up, you will then receive a notification. Our Haulio Support (+65 8508 2327) will reach out directly or you may give our Haulio Hotline a ring anytime.

How do I know if my job has been taken?

Your jobs will change status from "Pending Acceptance" to "Ongoing".

What is the billing information party & Credit Terms for the jobs?

All jobs posted on Haulio will be invoiced to you by Haulio. All jobs taken from Haulio portal, to be invoiced directly to Haulio Pte Ltd as per our registered address on our site. You may simply upload the invoices directly on our portal, no hard copy is required. Credit Terms are as per standard industry terms.

What is the Terms of Use or Standard Trading Conditions for Haulio?

Haulio is acting as a platform for the Haulage industry, all work carried out are based on SLA Trading Terms and Conditions.