About Haulio

Transforming Haulage, One Container at a Time

Who is Haulio?

Today, Haulio is Southeast Asia’s largest container haulage platform, with the greater vision of transforming the region’s port logistics by enabling hauliers through technology, towards a collaborative future of efficient and optimised usage of resources.

Our Vision
"To connect global trade to local
first-mile transportation across ASEAN."
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Our Mission

"To build digital collaborative tools for a more efficient and intelligent haulage community."

Why Join Haulio

To go fast, go alone.
To go far, go together.

At Haulio, we believe in the strength of community, the importance of unity.

We’re constantly innovating and pushing boundaries, to realise what we believe the future of haulage should look like.

Together, We Cargo Faster

Our Core Values


We value humility and respect in the way we treat our users, customers and each other.


At Haulio, we believe that honesty and openness leads to better relationships, and work we can be proud of.


Most importantly, we put our heart in all that we do – in all our products and interactions.

Available Positions

We’re always on the look out for people who wish to make a difference;
Someone who is intellectually curious and passionate about what they do, and knows what it takes to get things done.

If you’re excited about what Haulio is doing, get in touch with us!
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